Being Friends

A friend in need is really a friend indeed, however if the need is one sided, the friendship will collapse with time, being friends mean the need comes from both side, it defines your source of been in need, i believe we all in this world can in one way or the other compliment each other were one is lacking the other can assist, and give a helping hand, every one of us is uniquely different that’s why no  matter how we might look alike or have the same type of temperament we are still different from each other even if we are twins.

however presently in this world that we find ourselves in, helping each other is like loosing a race, the competition to the land of no return is high, people are more concerned about themselves more than any body and once they are ahead of you, they try their all means to see that you don’t get ahead of them, so they push you down.


well i know i have seen a friend whom have complimented me in diverse ways, this guy can sacrifice almost anything for me, he’s that good, I’ve known him for like half my life and he has be amazing, we started the hustle together and only time can tell how far we get. i got to illustrate him while practicing my drawing skills. his my first animation character, we’ve been together for a while sometimes i feel his presence was my check to know if am still on track or am falling off the edge, what more can i say he has been there for me – #ChinonsoKIngsleyOrjika.chino illustration ad on-01


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