At first i use to apply my strength, my time and my mind too much to almost everything i do, i was intimidated, by my friends who had money and cars and could easily get what they want even if they didn’t ask for it, like my friend who always get girls following him around, for nothing. damn and i was there but no body followed me, even on twitter, i got frustrated i mean how comes, am i invisible well maybe, cause i didn’t understand why they get to get all of the good stuff and am with them but couldn’t get any for my self, shit am in trouble i thought to my self, the best remedy to get out of this hole was to get me something that pays, i was good at graphics, the thing is hardly someone could pay for your work in the town am living “Jos” where everybody feels they know everybody, it was like one big family, so they always expected stuffs for free, my mom wasn’t much of a help, once i get to school safely, that’s all that matters, how i feed, transport and pay for my departmental s and handout were all my responsibilities, the truth is me in this vast planet did not know where i was going to start from, i thought of been a mechanic i mean i like cars, and maybe i could get to test drive my customers car before giving them back, i did tried it, it got successful for a day, but i was stressed out and it was going to take a whole lot of time before i start getting any doe from it, i wanted to bar tend, but i gave it a serious thought i mean am still schooling and sometimes i drink like a fish, i could probably drink my salary up nah this wasn’t going to work, imagine me being a bar tender finally i would become an alcoholic my friend’s will always be there with me cause they are bigger sharks than i am, waste our live kick out of school and then what start all over again, no.

i got exhausted of all the hustling and struggle trying to become what am not, then i took my tab my friend was an artiste he needed an album art so i did the design for him, just did what i know how to do, then the response got me crazy and thinking, people loved what i did, i was not a social media freak, so people hardly get to me, but they always ask who did this, and my friend would tell them is a friend of his, i mean it was crazy, u know all this time i was having in it inside of me but, just somehow i couldn’t get it out, any way, Now that i have gotten to know much of what i do and how i get to do them, am becoming too much at doing it, people please tell me do you really think am been a workaholic?


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