Seriously i am not really sure, if i feel all cuddly around someone, till the extent my soft stick gets hard, is that it, does that mean am in love????

even though i really want to think is not, the situation around me keeps making believe that’s just it, you know, that moment you just see her all curvy and ding ding you just get an alert from junior, trying its best to become senior, you just somehow have this feeling of being fond and close to her then all of a sudden you find her the next morning in your bed, damn how did that happen, so fucked up cant even remember, and what next she start questioning your calls your movements, is that it???? are you in love??? like for real??? i just hope not so, if its so then am almost close to king Solomon, damn so much for what love offers.

Anyway the truth is in this present generation am confused to what being in love really is, and am hoping that you all can assist me in you true love story. and i just hope is actually what i think love is.


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