Being Patriotic

these days hardly in my country does anyone gives a shit about what we are doing or heading, let alone try fixing it, however few people, have decided to change the perception of how the view things, such is including this man, who have consistently helped with the traffic in the state, he has put in effort to see that people get to where they are going in no time, he has in all endeavors, see that jammed places are been opened up and managed, even though his age seems worn out, he still carries this responsibility of managing peoples movement, the interesting fact about this man is his cheerful attitude despite the situation we are facing, despite his though act and face, he still struggles to bring out that cheerful act in him, being helpful, in every little way is being patriotic. and if we all in our little way be helpful, kind and filled with enthusiasm, i feel patriotism is our starting

point we will be more way than just being patriotic.


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