Its awesome, the chill that comes in the morning with the sun brightening up the colors of the day, i wanted to see it in all its glory, so i took my cam just outside in the compound came some chirping birds tweeting the glorious morning sounds, even though birds were my first inspiration in mind, i got to end up shooting this bee in a sun flower, hmmmm it took me a whole of time to get this one, patience and focus are the best key in taking such shot. My day was made yeah.

So i got stoned, did some push ups boy i my arms so heavy, took my bath still with the joy of the shots in mind, went up stairs took my breakfast, still smiling, damn this food was good, coupled the shot together and displayed here.


just the way i like starting my day in the morning. damn i forgot to brush my teeth.


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    1. semkazacks says:

      Yeah i thought as much too, you know.


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